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Profiling Communities for Better Policing

Dear (I1),

Effective policing and resource deployment have been formalised within the National Policing plan 2005 - 2008 as a key priority for Police Forces and Crime and Disorder Reductions Partnerships.

Understanding the population at a local level is vital to this initiative, as it provides the relevant information to build a focused approach to crime prevention and reduction.

QuickAddress with Mosaic data provides you with the tools to profile local population and identify key target groups using micro level detail. Working at postcode level, Mosaic allows you to differentiate between neighbours as well as to profile neighbourhoods.

With this enhanced functionality, Forces can use more intelligent policing tactics and therefore improve operational efficiency and service effectiveness.

Should you be interested in finding out more about Mosaic, please click on the links to the left. Perhaps one of your colleagues would find this information useful? If so, please forward it on to them.

Kind regards,

Nick Cronin
Criminal Justice Account Manager