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Well, the waiting is over guys and I am really pleased to announce that my first 'official' website has now gone live!!! Take a look!

I have been like a child waiting for Christmas knowing this was in the works! However, this is the first of many big steps set to take place over the next few months.

I have to at this stage say a HUGE thank you to our very own genius/insomniac Alan McCann for all his hard work on not only the continual maintenance of, but the creation of too, as well as a massive thank you to Rocket Music Management and Greyology Inc. for the opportunity I have been given to pursue my dream! x

The site will provide everyone with the most up-to-date information on my recording career as well as the latest news, biographies, photographs, gig dates and a diary section!

We will be regularly updating the new site and in the coming weeks, there will be new audio clips added of my latest recordings! However, I am very excited to tell you we have already added to the site, a 30 second clip of my forthcoming single 'All In Your Head' for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to hear it yet – I hope you like it!

As I am spending more and more time rehearsing and recording new material, and also preparing for launch (grins!), we will be keeping you regularly informed via these email updates.

The semi-official forum continues to be a huge success and having recently logged its 1000th registered user, myself and management are very proud of its achievements and of course, the loyalty, dedication and constant support of the fans, thank you to everyone who has registered – and if you've not logged on for a while, please go and say hello – it would be good to see you!

I hope that maybe one day, I will get to meet you all to thank you personally for your support but until then, please feel assured that your support and kind words have meant a huge amount to me…

love n hugs,