Are you ready for the online Christmas rush?

The Royal Mail says that half the UK population used the Internet to buy gifts last Christmas1.

82% of retail organisations claim mistakes in data at the point of entry2.

New web data capture solution available

Word of mouth is the biggest prompt for online purchasing1. Help make sure your website is being recommended this Christmas.

Use QuickAddress Pro Web on your website or any browser based application and capture accurate names and addresses.

The benefits

  • Reduce time taken to complete personal details online
  • Prevent repetitive form filling
  • Capture full, correctly formatted addresses from minimal information
  • Save money; reduce returned purchases due to inaccurate addressing
  • Reduce false or duplicate orders, validating contacts
  • A platform independent and scalable solution

New web data capture solution available

The technology

  • Type down functionality
  • Support for XML, SOAP, J2EE and .NET standards
  • Maximum uptime due to a more robust solution

*Research conducted by Continental Research on behalf of the Royal Mail 2005
**Mintel “Holidays on the Internet – UK” 2004
***The UK Online Fraud Report, a white paper from CyberSource, 2004