Have confidence in your data
Use QuickAddress Batch from QAS, to keep your data clean, to enrich your data and to prepare your data for migration.
  • “We chose to deploy QuickAddress Batch to give us maximum confidence in our data… we now have the accuracy of information we need.”
    Tony Cobb, Programme Manager, University of Leeds.
    Incorrect and recoded postcodes are updated
  • Missing address elements are added
  • Spelling errors are corrected
  • Consistently formatted addresses
  • Addresses verified

Help me have confidence in my data

Run your addresses through QuickAddress Batch at your desktop, and generate a report to analyse the before and after results.

Have confidence in your data. Use QuickAddress Batch and benefit from:

  • Postal accuracy and potential discounts
  • Easy database searching and analysis
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Ongoing data quality

Tell me more about QuickAddress Batch

QAS are a leading supplier of address management solutions with over 7,800 customers in the UK alone.

How Batch works...
QuickAddress Batch animated guide