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Providing a fast, effective service to your customers is a business imperative. As an existing customer of Mentor, you are already aware of the importance of achieving operational efficiency and delivering quality service to your customers. But are you making the most out of your CashTM application?

QuickAddress with CASHTM

QuickAddress, the UK’s market leading address management software, is now available with CASHTM - QuickAddress is designed to quickly capture an address from a partial or full postcode and automatically paste it directly into your Sales Enquiry, Site or Customer database in CASHTM.

QuickAddress helps deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved customer service
  • Increased operator capacity
  • Reduced data administration costs
  • Improved data quality for more effective marketing

To learn more contact me directly on 01484 518 305 or alternatively email

Peter Clegg
CASHTM Account Manager