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Upgrade and benefit
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TWO new Mailsort ™ schemes available with QuickAddress Mailsort:

You can now claim mailing discounts from all Mailsort™ schemes with QuickAddress Mailsort when carrying out high-volume mailings such as:

  • Bills and statements
  • Direct mail and catalogues
  • To one specified area
  • Newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals

Meet the Royal Mail criteria to claim these discounts with QuickAddress Batch:

  • Clean existing addresses
  • Add and update postcodes and other missing or misspelled address elements
  • Ensure a consistent address layout
Upgrade and benefit
Potential mailing discounts

Access ALL of these Mailsort™ schemes with the latest version of QuickAddress Mailsort:

  1. Organise your outbound mail with minimal effort
  2. Ensure you are meeting the minimum mail requirements
  3. Claim the various discounts
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