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Ben Bryant
Erik Andersen
Jeffrey A. Okun
Jerome Turner
Julie Janata
Lee Unkrich
Mark Solomon
Melissa Wye PhD.
Patrick Gregston
Paul Hirsch A.C.E
Peter Schink
Sacha van Straten
Schuman Hoque
Stuart Bass A.C.E
Terry Kelley A.C.E

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May 2002
Transitions. Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing

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The future of filmmaking is in your hands...

Transitions is a digital editing book like no other. The concept is simple. We take 15 of the very best artists in the film editing field, and we let them teach you, one-to-one, the principles, techniques and lessons that have defined their careers.

There is a great deal to being an editor. From the tricky decision of which cut to make first and the intricacies of building narrative, to the specifics of editing in genres, Transitions aims to capture the life and art of the editor, showing their overlap, indulging their differences, engaging in every author's unique experience and tapping into their hard-gotten wisdom.

Fifteen essays cover diverse subjects from editing animation to weaving multiple storylines, but the focus is always on the art. Whatever your digital editing tool, be it Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premiere, or even if you are just enthused by film editing, Transitions gives you the blinding art and the sheer craft of modern editing techniques.

The wisdom of veteran film editors and the vision of digital pioneers are married in this stunning new book. Transitions is the ultimate resource for anyone who has learned the tool and wants to learn the technique, the art and the craft from the best.

Featuring an interview with Paul Hirsch, A.C.E., Oscar-winning film editor of Star Wars (1977) and a chapter by LEE UNKRICH - editor of Toy Story and co-director of the smash hit Monsters, Inc.

Foreword by TINA HIRSCH, A.C.E., president of American Cinema Editors (ACE).

Summary of Contents:

- Making the First Cut (How to Approach a Scene)

- The Alchemy of the Splice (Editing Rules and Structures)

- Editing to Create Narrative

- Bringing Life Experience to the Edit

- Editing the Music Video

- Editing for Television

- Using Point-of-View

- Weaving Multiple Storylines

- The Changing Face of Editing (in two parts)

- Editing for Animation (in two parts)

- The Editor and Visual Effects

- The Editor as Director

- Editing Factual Programmes

- Interview with Paul Hirsch, A.C.E.