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Christian Darkin
Joe Allen
Mark Schaeffer
Corne van Dooren Alan McCann

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December 2001
Revolutionary Premiere 6
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Film-making is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. Thanks to camcorders, digital cameras and some seriously sophisticated software packages, Hollywood has been brought to your kitchen - giving everyone the opportunity to produce and release their own piece of digital cinema. Premiere 6.0 is the digital film maker’s best friend. With the ability to export to web and RealMedia player, Premiere offers enormous control over the look, feel and sound of your film. Allowing high-end web designers and filmmakers to incorporate webmarkers, integrate with Photoshop, Illustrator and other image preparation tools… and generally play about with video footage, Premiere is all you need to produce slick film.

This book will assume you are new to Premiere. Taking you through the basics, in a step-by-step manner, Revolutionary Premiere 6.0 Digital Video Editing lets you learn from experienced professionals who use Premiere every day. Each chapter forms a stand-alone tutorial, yet by the end of the book you will find that all combine to form a complete case study. Throughout, Premiere is used within the context of a professional setting, always showing how the skills learned may be deployed in the real world of digital film-making.

Summary of Contents

1 Introduction to Desktop Video
2 Shooting Video
3 The Premiere Interface
4 Capturing and Importing Media
5 Working with Clips
6 Basic Editing
7 Transitions
8 Sound
9 Transparency and Compositing
10 Applying Effects
11 Animating a Clip
12 Titling
13 Exporting Finished Movies
14 A Step Further